Thursday, June 20, 2013

On how gardening is helping us dream.


Despite our increasingly busy schedules (and apparent lack of blogging time available), Jonathan and I have absolutely enjoyed this summer thus far.

Our hearts were a little weary with our high expectations considering last year's crazy (but extremely awesome) summer, but this year is pretty alright too. We've both managed to get somebody to hire us and working has been both a blessing and a curse. I've loved it, truly, but I do wish I could be laying outside all day long.

We've taken to creating and managing a garden this year. Something we've wanted to do for quite some time, without a house of our own, we've taken over the Moore's backyard.

We've grown squash, strawberries, okra, tomatoes, corn (getting there) and green beans. Most of it has come and gone, with the merciless heat destroying most of the vegetables into fried bits. Not the good fried. Although, speaking of fried, we cooked up some of our squash -- I could almost hear the choir singing. So delicious.

The days are becoming, if you can't already tell from my vegetable example, extremely warm. And when the days here get warm, I am swimming. So every day, I swim. Color has finally kissed my skin y'all, and for that I am forever grateful to the sun. (Okay, too much. Just kidding.)

Back to the garden -- it's a little dream space of mine. We've pinned a lot of things we want to do with our future garden, but actually getting our hands dirty (literally & figuratively speaking) we've devoured knowledge and twisted it into creating more ideas of our future.

This summer together has allowed us to dream and we so love and are thankful to the Lord more and more everyday for giving us insight into our marriage -- our wants and dreams. All because of a stinking garden.

Okay, okay.. it's still June.

More updates, and more often. Working. On. It.


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Katie Cook said...

This is beautiful...can't WAIt to see pics of your garden:) love Katie