Sunday, January 15, 2012

My wonderful birthday!

On a cold winter morning of January 12, 1992 at 12:45 in the morning..

Then twenty years later I was reminded of how wonderful all of my family and friends are!

I had an amazing weekend full of lots of food, laughter & celebration -- I love birthdays! 

Thank you to everyone who sent sweet wishes my way. (:



Lex C. said...

Oh! Happy Birthday!!!! :D I just turned 20 a month ago!!! Don't you feel like you're getting old? haha When I used to play with Barbies, I made their ages 15 and 16 and thought that was SO OLD hahaha I hope your day is wonderful!!!

Kristen said...

Oh my ! Happy Birthday to YOU.

Barbies, Boy Meets World, Lizzie Mcguire & Ferbie's... what happened to all the fun stuff?! (: