Thursday, September 12, 2013

On timing.

I just fell behind. With everything.

The wedding, although three months away, has taken over. Am I going to lie and say it's just so tedious and overwhelming and that part of me would just like to elope? Probably not. It is tedious. The decisions are overwhelming, but the planning and amount of thought put into it, it's totally worth it.

This means that all of these little details that we've sweated over might be completely overlooked, and that's okay too, because we've loved planning this whole party together.

Besides, Jonathan planning a wedding is pretty adorable, I might just love him even more now.

Let's be honest: will I feel different in 2 1/2 months? You betcha. That's okay though, I think. I'm expected to be nervous and in a complete frenzy. I sort of thrive on the thrill of last minute decisions. But in 4 months? I'll be so grateful for this time I've had before preparing my heart for marriage, as hard as it's been. The awful wait.

Anyway, all pre-wedding chaos will be completely erased from our minds as we sit along the Champs-Elysees sipping on our vin chaud while eating smelly cheese and macaroons.
(That's right folks, we're headed to Paris!)

All honeymoon jokes aside, we're just so ready to be married!

I do think all of this madness also resolves around the fact that we've just moved to the new city of Temple, Texas. (I move quite often.)

Temple, we thrive on your quaintness and quiet space. With it's breathtaking sunsets and wide open fields. We really are pretty happy to be making a temporary home out of what we have.

Then the wonderful news came once more about a week ago when I got an offer for a position in the hospital about 30 minutes from my apartment, an offer that has just filled my prayers with thankfulness. A hard, stressful 12-hour shift job that will murder my feet and tire my body. A job that will open doors of opportunities that I can't begin to describe.

The timing, of course, is all kinds of wrong. (When is it ever right?) I get a full time job, but in the midst of everything going on, I'm praying I can keep up. Great job. Horrible, horrible timing.

My prayers are fierce, y'all, just the fiercest.

Then a sweet little maid of honor of mine reminded me : He has a plan, and He gave me this opportunity.

How can I not trust in His word, but praise His blessing? They're hand-in-hand.

Therefore, here I am. I'm waiting. I'm praying, and asking, and just letting Him know that I'm so on board. I'm just game for whatever. He's enriched my life. We're talking rivers of grace that He's given.

The Lord will give [unyielding and impenetrable] strength to His people; the Lord will bless His people with peace. Psalm 29:11

Unyielding. Impenetrable. 

Y'all. I got this.



Also, friends, Sara (my honorable maid) is moving to Hong Kong in January. 
How crazy is our Lord? Seriously. What a sweet gift she's been given, and is all by herself a sweet gift to others.
I'm so very thankful and changed immensely by our friendship. She's in need of support, so although you may not know her, pray big things for her! 

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