Monday, July 4, 2011

Honduras - Day 1 & 2

This is from our hotel window.

I am here, as you can see.

Where do I begin? It's towards the end of my second day and I am completely in love. We arrived at around 11 o'clock yesterday and as soon as we dropped our things off the hotel and settled we went to eat then to the orphanage to meet the kids.

My words will never properly explain my experiences with them. The love we give them will never measure in comparison to what we receive from them. As soon as we got into the gates they ran to us with kisses and hugs, most of them just jumping into our arms if they found them to be empty. Kisses and kisses, loud laughter, tickle fights and hand games, but most of all -- laughter.

We returned after our short visit to quiet time at the hotel and then dinner.

Today we went to the Buckner Community Transformation Center (CTC) where most of our group played and had intimate time with 56 kindergarteners at their school, at least as intimate as you can get. I assisted with medical exams where Dr.Granger and two others checked out people in the community for specific health issues, I tested blood for glucose.

I have been in the middle of a sudden change of my major, unsure of what I want to do - I am pretty sure I know now.

The love I was able to give and receive by telling these people of their health out of pure concern was, to be simply put, incredible.

A lady praised God in Spanish as I told her she had a perfect number. A girl around my age yelped in shock then proceeded into uncontrollable laughter. It was awesome.

We soon said our goodbyes then headed to lunch, then went back to the orphanages where I once again kissed soft cheeks, gave big hugs, then did the medical exams.

I love:
1. The cool air here, it's perfect
2. The rain, everything is green here.
3. Pikachu hand game!
4. My Spanish may be improving.
5. Playing "pato pato GONSO!" (duck duck goose)

Going to dinner.
More coming soon, love you all.

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