Friday, July 13, 2012

on moving to austin.


over the this past month or so jonathan and our families have been graciously helping me in the process of figuring out what my future holds.

we've thought and really prayed over what exactly i want to do, as well as what our marriage will look like in the future. just a lot of plans.

so with that being said,
i've decided to move to austin over the next 2+ years to pursue going to school for cota. austin really is the best fit, and i'm pretty excited. 

not only am i excited, but extremely thankful as well. 

we've made decisions, then changed our minds, then made some more and so on and so forth. lots of ideas. lots of leaps. lots and lots of trusting. 

my generous Father has, in these times of trust and intentional prayer, shown me His grace and mercy. in very evident ways. 

i'm full of joy just thinking about this new adventure i'm heading on, and how jonathan will be just an hour away. wheewww! 

thanks again. for all of the advice and love.

as a team of us head to denver, co tomorrow i ask that you think of us. we will be there until next saturday, working with the homeless by building relationships with them and providing for their needs in any way we can. i'm really anxious to work with CSM again -- i loved working in LA with them a few years ago. i can't wait & i need to finish packing! 

lots of love.


Mikela Melakis said...

I will miss you :( but so happy for you

Jessica said...

I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award! Hop on over to to find out more!