Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I am blessed and in love with :

1. Sweet kisses at every greeting and farewell
2. A barrier of language yet using our actions to create conversation.
3. Prayers, prayers, prayers.
4. Giving an older woman glasses and seeing her face and love filled reaction when she saw a clearer image.
5. For the bodies that traveled foreignly here, we have seen change in our own hearts.
6. Poverty is never just black and white, it's colorful here. Tegucigalpa is the most beautiful place I have ever seen, ironically it is also the saddest.
7. There is little space on the mountains, which are completely covered in houses. Houses of all different bright colors.
8. Friendship bracelets create more opportunities for conversation than anything else. We create and weave as we dig deeper into lives. It's astounding.
9. I am learning more and more Spanish, making conversations with my little ninos much easier!
10. Mikela speaking Spanish is pretty awesome.

These past few days have been a whirlwind and have flown by incredibly fast. Yesterday I spent more time in the clinic, seeing more people with diabetes that surpass any 'bad case' I have yet to see. The glucose and blood pressure was heartbreaking. I pray that they find consistent medical support.

The kids are beyond words - so fun, so loving, and definitely keeping us on our toes.

I have also realized that Coco Baleadas is my favorite restaurant, definitely the messiest food I have ever eaten.

I will write more later, but I am off to dinner. We are having Applebee's! Yay American food then dessert after.

Stay tuned.
With lots and lots of love,
Kreeestaahnn (my Spanish name)

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