Sunday, July 8, 2012

the rain is coming, the storm is rolling in. so i'm in a big ol' comfy arm chair typing away. it's marvelous.
 i love sundays.
i love rainy afternoons.

i bought a new camera not too long ago, and i'm pretty much smitten.
so here you go. just a few snippets of today and yesterday. 

earlier we went and swam at the Moore's. we had hamburgers. the sun was beating down on us, which made the water feel that much better. i couldn't get enough. not to mention all of the sweet, furry farm animals they have around -- one of which we ate.

then the rain came on it's way, and well, here i am. 

please excuse most, if not all, of jonathan's facial expressions in these photos. i highly doubt he realized i would be posting them somewhere.


my future in-laws came in to town yesterday, and we ate some good southern food for dinner at The Shed - their blackberry cobbler is blissful. spending time with them reminds me of home, and how much i miss it sometimes. but i will take what i can get, and i'm so glad they came.

by the way, and i sure didn't want to miss this : happy birthday mom! 
i love you dearly and wish i was able to spend today with you, but i will see you soon! relax & enjoy your day! 

hugs & kisses

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