Thursday, April 11, 2013

on our engagement pictures.

they're here! 

a few weeks ago jonathan and i went to the beautiful McKinney Falls for our engagement session with Lahra Bryant Photography.

this past year has been the worst for all of my insecurities and because of that the idea of a not-so-photogenic person like myself having their picture taken was a little terrifying. if i'm being real honest.

our photographer made it all worth it.

she just let us be ourselves, and i stopped thinking about things like, does my hair look weird? was i blinking? do i need to reposition my face? notta. nothing. i just hung out with jonathan and we just so happened to have someone there to capture it all. she's great, and if you're planning on getting married around houston or austin -- get her!

so without further ado.. here's a few snaps of the session!

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Katie Cook said...

aaahhhh just found your blog and LOVE it:) Girl, you are SO beautiful and these pictures are just stunning!! So excited to follow along and get to know you more! Love from Nepal, Katie