Tuesday, October 2, 2012


As if Facebook or Twitter hasn't reminded you -- it is, in fact, October.
I even tried to wear boots today, but it was a little too soon. So instead I bought another pumpkin candle from HEB to celebrate. It's the little things.

Fall is my favorite time of year. There is never a doubt about it.

It reminds me that it's time to watch Stepmom and When Harry Met Sally, or even Harry Potter for the umpteenth time. I wasn't going to mention You've Got Mail, since I watched it before the first day of school, but it is fall, it can't go unsaid.
It's nearly time to wear plaid -- you know, once the 80 degree weather leaves us behind.

I even have the first Halloweentown showing on my calendar, October 8th anyone?

On another note, school is keeping me incredibly busy. A first for me. It's at the point where I'm confused on my studying habits -- I can't seem to retain enough information. My head tells me that I need to study, go to the gym, and clean my apartment.. but it's just not happening. I can make so many to-do lists, but I never seem to get them done.

It doesn't help that Netflix distracts me more often than not, despite my trying to multitask. It just doesn't work.

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