Tuesday, November 13, 2012


i finally retreated this past weekend.
oh, and was it needed.

i left my job last week. in a not-so-pretty-can't-believe-i-did-that sort of way. not my finest moment. i don't feel like going through the details, but afterward i couldn't help but feel incredibly relieved. not only that, but it meant i could be apart of the middle school-ers at FBC Athens at their retreat.

let me just say, i had the most fun all semester with these preteens. it was amazing.

if i wasn't blasting music and singing Swift, Beiber and Hot Chelle Rae, then i was sitting in a rocking chair quietly devouring Letter from a Skeptic overlooking a lake. sounds heavenly, no? it really was, and i really needed it.

oh, and did i mention a neon party was involved? fantastic.

here's some awesome evidence of me breaking out my camera for an artsy nature slideshow.

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