Saturday, September 29, 2012

my sister's bridal shower.

my sister's bridal shower was today, and even when i think back over it a huge smile comes across my face.
 it was special and sweet, just like my wonderful sister. so glad we spent time to honor her and celebrate her future big day -- 6 more weeks to go.

thank you bridesmaids & mommas for all of your help, you were a blessing to my virgin-bridal-shower-hosting self. there's no mistake -- i could have not done it without you all.

if you can't already tell, i'm pretty happy that my camera has gotten some use out of it, i have wonderful moments caught on camera -- and today was no exception. enjoy
thank you to all who came!

the flower girl is outrageously adorable.

caramel apple spice muffins! it's a simple treat with apples inside flipped upside down and drizzled with caramel topped with nuts/whitechocolate. i then wrapped some cake pop sticks with brown tape and added some leaves to it -- they came out super cute! i heard they were pretty yummy as well!
This is easily one of the most thoughtful, creative gifts I've seen. Katie, the matron of honor, gave this gift to Erin who will put this to good use, I'm sure! It's a box full of wine for special moments during a marriage (from left to right): first fight, hence why it's the largest bottle, christmas eve, wedding night, first valentines, first anniversary, and my very favorite : an alcohol-free drink for the first baby!

this beautiful girl, Rian, is the daughter of a sweet old friend of mine who i went to highschool with! Rian is a flowergirl, and her momma is a bridesmaid! i had to find a chance to snap some shots of this girl. so glad i did, they came out great!

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