Monday, April 8, 2013

on our short trip to Fredericksburg.

this month has already been pretty crazy and my calendar is so full i'm taking in as much sleep anywhere i can. if i'm being honest, i totally love it. jonathan and i both love seeing our weekends full of friends and love.. and lots of adventures!

this past weekend was no different, when jonathans parents came into town for ashley's birthday celebration, we were all kinds of excited! anytime we all get together, expect craziness and lots of game nights. i love it to pieces.

 photo DSC_1940-001_zps2a9bdfc2.jpg  photo DSC_1953-002_zps08b17eae.jpg
^^yummiest turkey burger i've ever consumed.. in under five seconds. go to the peach tree!

Gosh, doesn't it make you just adore Texas all over again? I needed a little reminder for when the unforgiving humidity comes our way.

Happy Birthday Ashley, I hope you have a wonderful wednesday celebration! :) 

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