Thursday, March 21, 2013

on our crazy wedding plans.


when i was a wee little thing my brother, sister and i would spend a lot of time at my grandparents house. with so much history around us i became fond very early on with antiques and vintage clothing, and audrey hepburn movies.

but one of my very favorite things to do with my sister is play dress up. we'd cover ourselves in all of my aunt's dance costumes from when she was younger and we'd make up dances and stories of who we were, our imaginations were endless. we'd twirl around our grandparents living room as our dresses fell scandalously from our shoulders, well not really, i was like six.

my late grandfather would place me on his feet and danced me around as Frank Sinatra filled the room, and when i was too tired, he would grab my grandmothers hands and pull her into an embrace for one more dance. he was quite the dancer, and he loved it. you couldn't turn on music without him finding his way into the room. that's the only time i dreamed and wished that it was a wedding dress i was wearing, he made it feel so magical. i never really thought much of it aside from that.

so cue post-engagement anxiety.

i put way too much pressure on myself when planning anything.
i just love details, i love weddings that feel cozy and homey to the guests. we want our guests to feel honored that day to since most of the people there are the reason why jonathan and i made it as far as we have -- we've had extraordinary examples, truly.

with jonathan and i getting married at a younger age we decided at the beginning that we would have a long engagement, and although we don't particularly like it, it's worked for us. we just wouldn't ever recommend it to anybody. seriously. nobody. it's tough! especially for the impatient beings that we are.

one thing i've actually enjoyed is the time we've had to make decisions and change them, and change we did, many, many times!

hm, let's see. what did we change?

well, we started with a summer wedding and decided on simple ivory and grey colors. we wanted lemonade, yard games, maybe campfires -- a cozy, homey feel. but, we knew we had to settle on an indoor wedding because june in houston is, if you haven't heard, pretty warm! we wanted an outdoor wedding though.. we're so stubborn.

for some reason the only thing that i knew for certain i wanted was to get married infront of a big oak tree. i saw a wedding on Style Me Pretty that was done underneath a giant oak, and i was smitten right then and there. it was romantic and timeless, and that's just what i wanted.

but when you live in houston and june temperatures are just around 95 degrees. an outdoor wedding would be a nightmare. then, on top of that, everything else seemed to be an issue.

so, we changed our plans. our school situation, our living situation, and our downright impatience led us to many discussions. these beginning discussions were difficult, but incredibly meaningful for us. we ultimately decided to get married in december of 2013. no compromise, surprisingly, was needed. we both felt it was right, it was just a matter of details at that point.

let me just say, we have some unbelievable families that will do anything for us, and what a reassuring thing! we never felt unloved or unsupported in this time of our life, we feel just the opposite! what a grand thing. we're lucky folks.

so winter, yeah.

weather is so unpredictable every season in texas, so december 14th could be a rainy day, a chilly day, a perfect 70 degree day -- who knows! but we're seriously happy either way. even the rainy part, we love a rainy day.. and we'd let the wedding would be inside!

would you like to hear more?
oh, there's more. stay tuned. :)

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