Tuesday, February 26, 2013

(my instagram : krisashpete)

remember all of those really interesting resolutions i made?

question: where have i been?

well, awfully busy.

i have a new pet. i've been studying. picnicking in the park. date night with my man.

i guess i'm not really that sorry, but i stilled missed you cyber world.

on another note..

last night, i realized that my upcoming test was upcoming a little too soon. as in the next day.
i hate cram sessions. i hate feeling unprepared. i hate studying for many hours.. so when my internet went out unexpectedly from the wind storm, i mentally did this.

for those of you actually worried about the outcome, do not fret. i actually did better than i thought! or at least, i feel like i did pretty well. only time will tell! 

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