Friday, February 8, 2013

on january leaving and marrying jonathan


This month flew by, I mean snap your fingers gone, flew by. I shouldn't be surprised, in fact, I should be elated. I have several countdowns on my phone, all marking off the days for various events... family camping, dress shopping, engagement shoot.. you name it. It's on the calendar.

Oddly enough though, I'm sad to see January go. I'm disappointed that the short-lived cool weather is on it's way out.. I'm not ready for the summer and it's sticky, muggy heat. It's gross.

Speaking of wedding. (Did I not already mention it?)
I love planning this wedding. Truly. It's like everything I love to do all put into one period of time where I get to do it all. But. I will be happy when it's done.

Now that I think about it, I haven't really said very much about wedding plans, but I can tell you we've booked a few things. The venue, for starters, is my absolute favorite. Oak Tree Manor is our beautiful venue and that sprawling oak tree (hence the name) is majestic. Seriously, folks. That thing is ginormous.

We've also booked a photographer, and we're so excited to work with her in March!

So many plans, so much time. (Is that not how the saying goes?)

I started thinking about this the other day. When people see my ring, and they don't know me very well, they always ask for my age.
Jonathan and I have been together for such a long time (nearly 5 years) and we forget that we're only in our early twenties. We're pretty young. I guess I don't mind though. Why? Because it's like we've been preparing ourselves not-so-intentionally-but-sorta for all of this for much longer than we've been engaged. We're sort of crazy.

Which reminds me.

When we were sixteen, about a month after we started dating, he jetted off with his family to Europe for a month. It was incredibly difficult to even have some sort of communication. 20 second phone calls and short messages on MySpace. So we basically only spoke through handwritten letters. I love those letters. Some were written on trains, on a gondola in Paris, in the English countryside and probably while eating a pizza in Rome.. or maybe not the latter.
I still gaze over those letters, and we still try to write letters even today, but it's nothing like those letters. They're sweet, and full of infatuated love-sick love. It's really something.

It was one of the hardest times in our relationship, because of the distance, but funnily enough, it's one of my favorites. Jonathan says that he knew he was going to marry me at that time. But he's a fruitcake, and we were together for a month. Silly. (Oh wait, he was sort of right.)


Not to get even more mushy gushy on you, but Jonathan is sort of really awesome. He is my bestest friend for ever, after all, so his becoming a husband is pretty great. You know, whatever.

By the way, if you haven't seen us blow up Facebook every day, we'd love for you to check out our Etsy shop -- its helping us go on our honeymoon! Who doesn't want to support a cause like that? :)

You're the greatest.


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