Friday, January 4, 2013

on accomplishing our goals.

friends! happy belated new year! 

have the endless lists of goals been written for you yet?

jonathan and i began to think really seriously on our new years resolutions too.

both of us can agree that this past semester we've neglected our mental health, but especially our spiritual health. a lot of things are uncertain and temporary in our life at the moment, as i've decided to transfer from round rock to waco for school, which means moving from round rock to temple! (waco is now offering my degree program, or will be soon, so i'm going there!) this will make the commute to school much, much easier when we're married.

anyway, because of our lack of being "settled" anywhere, we miss having a community. we miss being a part of a church, or being around a few folks that have the same desires we do.

but because nothing is going to change anytime soon, we thought we'd work on other parts of our lives to help keep us going on a good path!

alright friends, here's my confession : i've never completed a single new years resolution, and i'm really curious to know if anybody in history actually has.

i don't know about you, but something about planning out a few goals to stretch over 365 days seems really difficult, who can look past the first month? not this girl.

which is where Jon Acuff comes in, hilarious pinner and ultimate blogger, he explains a better, more efficient way, to plan out your NYRs. read his blog, you'll be glad you did.

here are just a few of my goals. 

: spiritual
//listen to my podcasts again, at least once, if not more than that a week. i love hearing sermons from all over!
//study one NT book for 52 days* -- starting with Ephesians.

: physical
//following WW, track weight on Tuesdays
//meal prep
//DVD workout on MW, gym workout on TH&F

: mental
//work on a project of some sort (wedding, crochet, etc) once a week, just for a few hours.
//turn off all electronics 45 minutes before sleep and focus on reading
//BLOG more. seriously, its too therapeutic to not upkeep.
//dream more for our future, have more concise plans. less wedding, more marriage. 

: family
//start CELEBRATING little accomplishments, goals reached, good grades with jonathan. do little things to show more appreciation for our little milestones overcome. we both deserve it!

*read his blog to get a better understanding on why i chose 52 days!

i think the best part of these goals is that they're things i find extremely important and i have a desire to incorporate all of these in my life, but it doesn't happen all at once. just bit by bit. which is really good for spontaneous, all-over-the-place me.

one of my favorites is my dreaming goal. ever since we became more serious on the thought of getting married, i really started to think about our big day. it's really hard not too! however, i've focused more on the big day, than the after!

part of me thinks nothing will really change when we get married, we will be the same people, just living together. ha! i should know better. really, i should know better.

after 5 years of dating jonathan, being married will be a fresh new rollercoaster, one i'm SO excited about! i'm so incredibly excited to not have to plan to see each other, or wait until the weekend.

but it will be like our relationship now, where there are things to maintain and take care of. so as we plan our wedding, i want to seek from others on their successes and failures. if you're married, give us advice! we will not pretend like we don't need it.

we're young, we're big dreamers, and we're excited to see the effects that accomplishing these goals will have on us.

but what are you dreaming about today? what are your goals?


oh & if you're interested, which i hope you are, hop on over to jonathans blog and read more on his goals and dreams. you won't be sorry!

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