Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I have some news.
It's pretty big.


The story : it's sweet, it was a surprise (despite my constant need-to-know-whats-going-on personality), and I loved every single second of my weekend. 

We were at Winter Retreat for high school, which is located at a large wooded camp with a lake. We got there on Friday, and since Jonathan was the leader of the band we went up early for rehearsal purposes. I was happy to be there just because he LOVES to lead worship, and I knew this whole opportunity would be extremely overwhelming to him. This is what he's meant to do. 
So I let him do his thing.

Something I was not understanding was just how anxious he was, I mean bless his heart he was so nervous. The band was sounding so perfect that I just pushed aside his worries as irrational. Little did I know, right?

After the first worship session was over, I was getting ready to go on to my first small group meeting when Jonathan asked if I could go to his cottage to drop his stuff off. I told him I needed to go to small group, but he reassured me it would take a few minutes. So we walked in the dark over to his room, he was staying in a circle of cottages which had a gazebo in the middle, so we walked through the gazebo to get to his room. As we stepped in the middle of the gazebo, he turned to face me and kissed me, and all of a sudden lights came on (and I don't just mean metaphorically). The entire gazebo lit up. I looked over and watched him kneel down and then nearly passed out as he asked me that one question I've been waiting to hear for months.
It was perfect.
I jumped up and down. I squealed. My face was absolutely priceless.

Our friends were hiding in the cottage, Amber and Travis, which I loved even more. If I wanted anyone there to witness the moment I can assure you -- it would be them. 

So, there's my story, it was perfect. My weekend was amazing. I'm an incredibly lucky girl. 

Oh, and here's the ring ! (:

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