Friday, December 9, 2011


Christmas Favorites

Smell: My favorite smell, well smells, this time of year would probably be cinnamon, pine, apple pie and mistletoe.

Tradition: My family is all for crazy traditions, and our Christmas one is no exception, at my house Christmas Eve is also a big deal.  It's tradition to be the first one to tell another family member 'Christmas Eve Gift' before someone tells and you will get a Christmas Eve gift. Oh, and your Christmas Eve gift will always be a new pair of pj's, that way you will look fabulous on Christmas morning. This tradition goes waaay back and I sort of love it too much to question it.

Flower: I'm a seasonal gal, and my lovely mother is as well, she plants our front yard garden according to the season so right now we have red and white flowers. They are gorgeous. 

Movie: I was a huge fan of Matilda with Mara Wilson when I was growing up, so it's no surprise that I absolutely love her as Susan in Miracle on 34th Street in the 1994 version. However, watching the original is another one of the traditions in our family, and Natalie Wood playing Susan is way adorable.

Hymn: "O Holy Night", for sure. It's just so beautiful.

Memory: Christmas has always been a wonderful time of year for me, and I'm so grateful for every year I get to spend with my family. So you can imagine my slowness to decide which memory sticks out the most. Every year we do new things together to create more traditions, and I love it. One of my favorite things that I used to do with my mom and sister, obviously the years have gotten busier to do this, but we used to drive down to the Galleria area here in Houston and drive all around to find houses and places with lights. That particular area of Houston is extremely wealthy so the way that they decorate the area is detailed and beautiful.  The neighborhoods covered in lights would take your breath away.

Easy gift: I crochet scarves, a bunch of them. Oh, and make cookies! (:

Sight: I love houses covered in lights. 

Dislikes: Well when you stick to your traditions it's hard not to love just about everything when it comes to Christmas, but it's always sad when you see people completely missing the whole point. It's the birth of Jesus, it's not about Santa or presents, it really is about coming together for the biggest birthday of the year.

What are your favorite Christmas things?

Taken from the lovely blog of Annie, thank you. 

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