Friday, September 16, 2011

hickory nuts,

On May 18, 2008 my grandfather passed away.
If you knew him, you'd love him, but nobody loved him nearly as much as my grandmother, who lives with us today.
There are so many blessings in having your grandmother live with you and yesterday reminded me just how grateful I am.

Soon Jonathan and I will be getting engaged, something that excites me even as I type this, and this weekend when I see him we are going shopping for the ring. (Gasp!)
I'll pick five that I really like and he'll decide which one to propose with months from now.

When I told my grandmother of our plans she smiled really big and showed me her goosebumps (yeah, she's pretty cute)! She adores Jonathan like you wouldn't believe and tells me all the time just how much he reminds her of my papa, the first time she told me this was when I realized how badly I wanted a future with him.

A few minutes after I told her she began telling me of how she got engaged, which I was surprised I didn't know, and when she was done I had to share with all of you. I can't stop smiling!

She told me that he asked her in his car in front of her parents house where a huge hickory tree was rooted, and had been for a long time. About 40 years later, on one of their many road trips, they came across a field of hickory trees, and when she wasn't looking he grabbed a handful. After they got home he spray painted them gold, where they now reside in her bedroom. I had always seen these and never questioned what they were, now when I see them (as they are still there 20 years later) it just reminds me of how beautifully strong their love for each other was, and still is. I cannot wait for them to reunite, oh what a joyous moment that will be!

Hickory nuts. Something so seemingly unnoticeable to everyone else, except them. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

With an abundance of love, 

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