Monday, September 26, 2011

family, boy, and sisters

 I really must apologize for my delay in updating, seriously, it has been a little hectic on my side of the screen. I literally felt like I was going, going, going, going. Every aspect of my life was busy scheduling it's own events and when me, myself, and I all came together with our agendas, little did I know how crazy it was going to be.

However, everything I did was what I needed. My aunt came into town on Wednesday, good Lord I love this women. Have you ever been around someone who was born on the same day as you? Scratch that. Have you ever been around someone who has your birthday, personality and temperament? She's that. She's my emotional twin. We are talking every single hormone that I have, the one that cries occasionally at commercials, put together in the same house for a few days. Can you imagine us together for a few days? I mean, I'm not that bad, but I can get a little melodramatic at times, and she's just dramatic all the time. I love that about her because when I'm around my family I have a hard time accepting criticism, but with her.. if she's like me.. you just don't talk back to the women. So she really pushes me to become someone who knows how to love and take care of others. As hard and frustrating as it may be, she is simply to be put, necessary for me. She always means well.

Then just a few days after her arrival, on Friday, Jonathan came in to town. Having Jonathan around is always a breath of fresh air, like I'm being lifted out of my life in Houston to spend time with someone who gets me perfectly. I always tell him that he's my puzzle piece, he just fits. I mean this boy can drive me absolutely nuts, but I love these moments because in the midst of them I understand the value of how deep love is. How much of love that I won't understand, and how much I have learned too. Having loved Jonathan for nearly 3 and a half years I've come to understand how hard love is, how wonderful it is, and how much more I want to understand of it. Not just in loving Jonathan, but loving those around me nearly as much. The way the Father loves me, his being a multitude more than I understand now, but it makes me want too. Everything, and absolutely everything, good in the world knows that nothing can handle me better than God can. I'm no wild mustang, but give me a bad day when I'm emotional and you've got a whole 'nother thing coming at you. My Father knows me better and I could not love this fact more, it doesn't sadden me, it honestly lifts me up. 

On top of that was also my brother's upcoming birthday which was in need of celebration, since he will be going to Vegas next week with some of my family (the things my family does are never in the "norm", they keep me on my toes), we had a mini celebration on Friday night. He is turning 21 and for someone who never asks for anything, he deserves a great birthday. 

Then, and certainly not least, the first high school ladies Bible study was last night! I feel God working. I felt challenged. Something I was praying for. The idea of facing insecurity is, to say in the least bit, extremely nerve racking-ly difficult. It is no slice of pie, but it is the most gratifying to even be working towards it. I am, by no means, near my finish line.. but I'm on my way. Insecurity is not to be handled lightly, I am quickly learning. For something that can eat you up, it's just too common and seriously avoided. I am so excited for more Sunday nights filled with girl talk (it is a must), questions, prayers, Starbucks coffee, junk food and much more. I'm ready for a community of women who are looking to build their faith on one foundation of love, His.

Let's cross our fingers for more open time slots for updating this week. I love you all and am grateful for your hearts of love and prayers. They have been well received and in the works.

I was asked a question a few days ago, and my answer was yes, email me!


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