Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Unknown.

Lately I have been 'stepping out into the unknown'.
Searching for a new path in my life that I feel God is leaning me towards.

Tonight, I had a wonderful night. Babysitting. Babysitting two wonderful children. It just sparked something in me and reminded me of how God made me. He made me to work with children. I know He must have because nothing makes me happier. Nothing. 

I need a different way of living than what I have now. I'm not happy. Who knows? Maybe at this moment I'm not supposed to be dwelling on it's roughness, but maybe staying put and turning my bitter focus onto something lighter. Perhaps. I just don't know.

But because I am me I can't stay 'settled', I have to look for a brighter way and hopefully it turns out. I remain in prayer, lots of it.

Please keep me in yours too.

Thank you..
Until later and maybe with good news?

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