Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fast moving clocks.

Time has been moving quickly. Too quickly. I wake up in the morning feeling shocked as I mark a large X on the calendar officiating the present day ahead. I leave for Honduras in ten days. I think my count began at like 170-something, and now I'm down to just 10. As I stare at the almost-one-digit-number I try to sink in the reality. The reality is: I am not ready. 

I distinctly remember making lists. A bunch of them. I wrote down all the things I needed to do before I left like working on my fundraiser (which embarrassingly fell through due to time management) and buying knick-knacks for the kids. Random things that became utterly impossible due to lack of time. Time is just such a sneaky little thing. Isn't it?

Overall, I am overly pumped and excited. Nothing in the world could prepare me for such a strenuously, emotional and overwhelming trip that will be taking place. Am I spiritually ready? I don't think I am. Then again, how can you be spiritually ready for something that will push you completely out of your comfort zone then spit you back out into your normal every day life? I give kudos to those who are. Seriously, good job. 

One of the things that does make me sorta ready is the financial portion. That's the one f word that really grinds me gears : finance. However, my heart gushes in adoration for the amount of love and money sent my way to get me in the comfortable, not completely in debt, place that I am in right now. I have worked my tooshy off, but it would have never done nearly the pay off I would've needed to be able to go. So thank you to those who helped, and thank you for all of those who couldn't but prayed over me. Clearly, He's helped out more than I can say. 

As I sit and ponder over all of this I notice the clock glaring at me with it's-way-past-your-bedtime-and-you-know-you-have-work-in-the-morning face so I better get going. You know how clocks are, they're pretty sneaky.

We shall speak again soon.

Lots of love.

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