Friday, June 17, 2011


My favorite part of being a kid was summer. How could it not be? The lack of responsibilities and the slowing down of time as you did whatever your heart wanted. I would lay in bed all day tangled in my blankets as I read through my stack of library books. Each book filled with a different story all of them taking me somewhere new. The smell of the pages as I opened the book was familiar and I would sink into the story every time. I loved summer.
If books were far away than the pool must have been near because that's where you would most likely find me. I'm not sure what was worse : the sting of getting water up my nose or the sting of looking like a lobster. At the time, these were my worst nightmares and that makes me smile.
Then came the roadtrips. New Mexico, Colorado, Florida (most often), Mississippi, you name it. We went. My grandfathers huge white Excursion filled up and ready to get a move on. The road will always feel more like home to me. I would sleep, read, listen to music (clammering to burst out into song), and memories were made this way.

I was really lucky to have people in my life to allow my summers to go so smoothly, so effortlessly. Now that I am venturing into adulthood I see that it's not so easy to do these things, but having the childhood that I had I am aware that slowing down makes everything easier to handle.

Tonight is going to remind me just how much fun I had as a kid as I will be hanging out with about 50 of them. Tonight is the middle school lock-in. Yeah, it's from nine o'clock at night to six in the morning. But of course there's nothing like a family birthday party tomorrow night to add to my craziness.

Talk to you soon & with lots of love.

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Kristina Clemens said...

Doesn't it seem like summer used to be longer? I fell like it gets shorter and shorter...sigh...=)
Kristina J.