Tuesday, September 11, 2012

pictures, paper, and pleasant people.

i've talked about this before, but my sister's getting married! this is surreal and lovely all at the same time watching her prepare for marriage.
she asked me to be her maid of honor, i feel like such a lucky girl! as my first "duty" i decided to hand make her bridal shower invitations -- a little tricky, definitely needed a little help, but i'm overjoyed with the way they turned out. i'm really glad that i got this opportunity because jonathan and i getting married next year and this crafty project brought on ideas for table numbers/signs/etc.
let's hope this little crafty crush lasts longer, i might be able to tackle some pinterest DIY projects. maybe it will even spill over into my christmas presents? okay, wishful thinking there.

i loved taking my time with these. 

  this is just my speech project, and i loved the collaboration of all these pictures. now i have prints of jonathan and i and our christmas and colorado pictures! 

while i'm at it with all these pictures : this is my living room. my comfort place. it's coming together. i need some wall art!

talk to you soon.

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saramattingly said...

glad i made it on your board..oh wait. ha! i love your words sweet friend. <3 your one and only reader ;)