Thursday, August 30, 2012

credit: my fabulous camera.
i've been eating an insane amount of strawberries.
the only reason i'm sad to bid farewell to summer.

the stress and busyness of the internship put my writing hands to rest, which meant that my blog was to be left on the back burner so to speak.

if i'm being honest, this past summer i had some really big moments and some really low ruts. we grew in a lot of ways. jonathan and i both learned a lot about who were are and what we want to be. it was such a great learning experience and i know i say this a lot but we really are grateful for all of it. we already miss the people we've left behind. in some parts of my life i still feel like i'm in the process of growing. some things i just haven't moved on from.

i really missed writing to my imaginary readers. i missed putting my seemingly small details of every day living into this cyber space world, it's really therapeutic for me. not only that, but also sometimes you don't realize your bad habits until you put them down in writing. thus, this blog has been my growing experience in more ways than one.

i've moved. i am officially a scary grown up who lives by herself in a tiny apartment in a big town. although parts of me absolutely thrive on the loneliness because of my introverted self, another part of me is terrified at it. it's an adjustment. my apartment, however, is a dream. it's sweet, cute and just what i need to help with the transition.

thankfully this week i started my classes and that has kept me partially busy. i've already had a test! busy, busy.

the busier i stay the more time will fly by. i'm desperately anxious for fall. this time of year is worse because of all of the anticipation. i'm ready for the crispiness of fall to arrive. the chilly air. the scarves. the coffee. the hot tea. the pumpkin muffins. the baking. the blankets. the feeling of arthritis in my fingers due to crocheting. the food. the holidays. my sisters WEDDING.

i'm just really ready.

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