Sunday, June 10, 2012

disclaimer : this post will be an overload of pictures & moments i've neglected to share since my last post -- it's been awhile.

this past week was camp week!
i had so much fun that the memories are still exhausting to think of. i laughed till i cried many, many times.
i know i haven't posted since my first week here but, friends, so much has been going on that i wouldn't have been able to properly explain without it looking like this, "sdfglkdflgdfgfdgdfg". that's honestly how i felt. i was so busy!

the fun doesn't stop there either because these next few weeks will, without a doubt, be the craziest. let's rewind though, here are pictures to tell the story of my time since we last chatted. enjoy!

babysitting these littles is always an adventure. not only did i realize how thankful i was for stephanie's birthday (because i got them for a few hours), but also that i am terrible at taking group photos.. sorry you two, your faces are sort of cut off. uhm?

after babysitting we went back to the greenhouse (guy intern housing) & hunter made us dinner -- it was delicious! 

for stephanie's birthday party we were out on some gorgeous land & i was blown away by all the fun that happened that day -- including seeing these favorite folk of mine :
you ladies are JOY.

fishing has become a favorite of mine, there's nothing like being on the water in the sun. yesterday, i caught 10 bass! 

the sunsets in Athens are unreal.

this was on the way to camp, we were a little early with some time to kill.. so spontaneously came across Dinosaur World & took a look. this is only a portion of the results that were caught on camera. pretty fantastic.

last two are from : DATE NIGHT. we got fancied up! 

minute2winit was played. 

i got blobbed for the first time ever!

right before zip lining! 

this is what happens when you lose a game. you wear a dress, but sweet ryan (from arlington) was suuuuuuch a trooper -- you were HILARIOUS to be around. 

thanks christian for stepping up and putting on the dress too, your willingness was definitely due for some credit.

love the view.

these are a few from camp, i didn't take much. camp was a blast. we went swimming in the lake, i went ZIP LINING (exhiliarating), lots of rec activities. i loved it! 

this was taken today at the Palmer house, they have a garden, kittens, baby goats, a donkey and chickens. marvelous.

feeling happy & getting some rest before the famous, crazy busy VBS prep begins. 

i will update more frequently, i hope. thanks for the patience! (: 

& in case you were wondering. jonathan & i miss our families. a LOT. but we are here serving such a higher purpose for our lives, we feel ourselves changing & maturing with every "road block" we endure. this adventure we are on calls for us to be self-giving of our time & energy and although this is tiresome, we are gaining so many valuable moments that we couldn't trade anything for. we are thankful.

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