Saturday, May 19, 2012

day 1

Athens, oh you are so wonderful. I'm so happy to be here! 

It's day 1 of my summer adventure of living and breathing in the ministry that is here for 3 months. 
As I got up this morning a thought occured to me, something along the lines of this -- "I feel like I'm going off to college." This is true. I am doing this sweet little thing called community college, and of course being five minutes away from my home it's not the college experience that a lot of my dear friends are going through. I'm not feeling homesick. I'm not surrounded by people my age, I'm just not. 
But as I woke up this morning I realized that my comforts will be 3+ hours away, something I've never experienced before and I am feeling overwhelmingly grateful. I know that this is something I've been waiting on for quite some time. It's finally here.

Hm, let's get back to topic -- shall we? 
It's day 1, I got here around 4:20ish and immediately we jumped into a little more in depth touring to get us acquainted with what everything is and we got the boys moved into the "green house". 
The girl housing (also known as the "yellow house") is currently being renovated as it was once a recording studio, we saw their progress and it was extremely exciting. They are already spoiling us. We are getting a bathroom added into it and a kitchen and much, much more. A main kitchen and bathroom isn't too far away, so this is really a bonus and I am extremely thankful. They are doing a great job!

So.. in the mean time, since of course we cannot stay in the yellow house, we are staying at a family home. This always makes me nervous because I'm not comfortable intruding on anyone's space by any means.. however.
This family has been incredibly warm and inviting. Very sweet and hospitable -- definitely that southern charm that I love so much. But most importantly, they are  God loving people and being in a home like this is extremely uplifting.
The home itself is breathtakingly beautiful. Built around the 1840s, everything inside has been renovated but all of the designs inside are eclectic and vintage. It's my dream. The room I am staying in is funky and charming. Do we have to leave?

Yup, it's time for bed. We are getting up early! We are heading on, what they call, the intern tour. We will have full days until, I believe, Tuesday? So I probably won't be able to post until then, you will updated ASAP. I know you are on your seat to what this mysterious adventure holds, I am too! 

Praying deeply over this summer.
It's going to be quite an adventure. 

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