Tuesday, April 24, 2012

hello again.

i've been on quite the break.
i've missed writing. i've missed sharing my simple life with my computer... and whoever stumbles across my page. i've missed all of it, and although a lot has happened i still couldn't find the words to write it all down. lots of changes, lots of excitement, and lots of grace from my Father.

i decided to start writing again because as summer is beginning to awaken i wanted to start sharing my thoughts and my experiences with friends and family -- as they will unfortunately be a little further away. i am moving this summer to be apart of a special internship with FBC Athens.. a city so much like Stars Hollow you just might faint. it helps that this sweet, old church has their hearts so set on Christ that the urge to hug them till it hurts comes to mind. honestly. it's a huge blessing. my heart is bursting as i type this.

it's bittersweet. the whole thing.
this is why : i will be separated from my family. my friends, including the beautiful sara -- whom i have adored every hysterical and exhilarating moment with these past few months since she's returned to houston, and every sweet five year old student in my class. every. single. one.

they are graduating soon, and if you're around me enough i've probably told you about five or six times. they are graduating. cap. gown. the whole enchilada. 
in the beginning of the year, i felt so under qualified to be in charge of their small bodies and learning brains. i felt inadequate. but they made me feel so loved, and cared for. (so much so that i was recommended by one of my students to take vitamins because i kept getting colds. vitamins. seriously? cute.)

they've taught me so much about love. sacrifice. patience. forgiveness. JOY. charis (grace). eucharisteo (thanksgiving). i've had lots and lots of moments of thanksgiving since i've been with them. i'm overflowing with love just typing all of this down. 

come, let us sing for JOY to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation. let us come before him with thanksgiving and praise him with music and song!
psalm 95:1-2

i'm moving on. it's a little scary. "my first time" on my own. but it's welcomed, all of it. i'll take even more change if necessary. because when i boil it down -- every thing i'm doing is for the kingdom. whatever it may be. teaching prek? working in a restaurant? working at FBC? lawyer? whatever. just make it for the kingdom. make it for His glory. praise. please. admire. desire. crave. HIM.

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