Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sometimes I forget how incredibly fast time flies by. I am always begging Friday to come every single week, and then now I look back and realize how many Fridays have past. It's been four months since I got a new job. It's been four months since I was in Honduras. It's been four months since my perspective on so many things changed, my routine, my day-to-day to dos.

Today, I feel incredibly lucky that I get to go to work where I have smiling faces who love me, and I love them. My students, I love my students. Whom I get to hold when hurt and kiss their cheeks while they're upset. I get to love them. I get to be creative. I get to do crafts all the time.
 I'm realizing just how blessed I am, and I forget because I'm always waiting for Friday.

I just thank God for these sweet opportunities that have come my way and pray that I slow myself to cherish each moment and remember the grace being bestowed upon me.

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