Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I've accepted the fact that I have a problem with redesigning my blog. All. The. Time.

I like things that are festive.

You may be thinking, "Why Kristen, (because we talk in such a formal manner) don't you know you live in Houston where the weather is like living on the surface of the sun? How could you possibly be thinking of the crisp Autumn leaves and the brain freezes you get from walking outside into 30 degree weather?"

But because I'm stubborn I will choose to ignore this, no offense.

Moving on! This weekend I am turning on those tunes that you save on your iPod for road trips and heading to Austin. My favorite place! Why you ask? Because it has my two favorite things: good food and Jonathan. Sometimes the good food surpasses the latter. Don't judge me.

This weekend has wonderful things already planned and I haven't even gotten there yet! Basically, if you can't already tell, I am so excited. The thought of getting out of Houston for a few days is relieving so much so that I'm willing to overlook the heat, as there is like a two degree difference. (Houston has been in the hundreds, once again. My great weather ended a little too quickly.)

I have much to do before I leave, I'm talking long to-do lists filled with everything I've been putting off. Things like:
replacing a tire (no fun),
picking up contacts (the drive itself is the obnoxious part),
cleaning the house (we have a guest coming next week, more on that later!),
getting a shot (so that I can apply for the OTA program)
& renewing my registration tag

It's a tad overwhelming, especially when your free time is limited, but I'm being optimistic in the hopes that I will be productive and get it done! (That's the spirit!)

Prayer request? These fires are getting out of hand, we had a fire break out in George Bush Park today. It was about 20 miles away and we still had smoke hovering over our house with ashes falling out of the sky, like rain. Sadly, I don't know what rain is like anymore. So please pray with me for an end to the wildfires, rain and for those who have lost their homes! You are still able to donate here!

I am wishing everyone a wonderful day today!

Until another time and with lots of love,

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