Monday, August 15, 2011

summer, and all of its troubles.

If you don't know me well, then I must inform you of one extremely vital fact about me:

I live in Houston, Texas.

Doesn't seem like that much of a deal, no? Well it hasn't been until now. See the thing is, Texas is making me suffer. It's way too stinkin' hot and it's driving me crazy.
Everyday I walk outside, around nine in the morning, and I start sweating. Did I mention it was the morning? Yes, I did. I sweat.

I drove in my car a few days ago, got stuck in traffic, and a few hours later I noticed that my arm was sunburned. From sitting inside my car. Seriously?

I am ready to wear scarves, jeans, jackets, I am ready to warm up my car and get it toasty.

I am ready to drink hot strawberry tea on rainy days and have a movie night (movie nights seem like a lot more fun in the fall).

I am ready to walk outside and breath in the cold air only to get a small, tiny brain freeze because it's cold.

I am ready for family gatherings for the holidays.

I am ready to eat chili and soup.

I am ready to eat green bean casserole at Thanksgiving.

I am ready to knit scarves in preparation for Christmas.

I am ready for Christmas. 

I am so ready for summer to end.

These are my grievances, thanks for listening.

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