Friday, August 12, 2011

the female heart, and her role.

These past two weeks we've been discussing the 'Birds & the Bee's' at our Wednesday night youth service as we separate into genders we discuss the "hard stuff" in regards to sex. The truth. The vulnerability. What society says. Etcetera. 

At the end of every discussion everyone passes note cards up that they may have written a question in, that way you can freely ask questions without feeling embarrassed. The questions the girls asked were deep. So much so that, it begs me to ask the question... Do we know what our roles are as women in the church? Why does our self-worth mean so much more than the acceptance of anyone? 

Conveying these messages during these sessions together is no walk in the park, and how can it when our society is constantly persuading these girls that if you wear this and do that then the attention you're craving will be successfully earned? That's not a win-win situation, it's a path to destruction. I've seen it happen way too many times.

For myself included, for Jonathan and I, what is my role in our relationship? Also in my family, in my friendships, what does that mean?

I dug deeper for understanding by reading the lives of Sarah, Esther and Ruth this week just digging into their precious lives and how God worked faithfully in them and it made me think more. What is my role? What does that look like? 

A blog I continuously follow because I trust her well written, witty words is Annie who explains here her belief, which I believe as well.

I can't always contain my emotion and my heartbreak when I feel that men sometimes underestimate the ability of women. It hurts. But the 66 stories in the Bible call us to this role because it's always serving a higher purpose, a plan that was created with us in mind. Our Father loves His daughters, and knows us all too well.

Especially me, He knows my mouth. My quick-to-make-my-opinion and my stubbornness. Yes, He knows me. He created me, and loves me all the same. 

Thank you Annie, really, it gives me more hope that society can't construct it's own image, because the image God created me to be is a more promised plan. A plan that glorifies Him. 

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