Thursday, August 4, 2011


I know I have been pretty secretive this past week or so, but it was mostly to see how everything worked itself out. Here's my news :

I have a new job as a teachers assistant at the preschool in my church. 

The decision to leave my current job was not easy at all, lots of tears were involved to say the least, I have been there for roughly 3 1/2 years and so it was a difficult choice. Looking back, I realize God was leading me in a direction that would be self sacrificial and also so worth it

This change is going to allow me to have more days off so that I can focus on school, and not only that but to allow myself the chance to truly invest in kid's lives for long term.

Not only that, having not grown up in the church I feel that investing even more than I am now is very important. My church is absolutely wonderful and welcoming. I had prayed for a long time that God would lead somewhere that would allow me to grow in my faith.

And then on for some more news.. 

I changed my major too!

Did I mention I have been busy?

For awhile I have been talking about the idea of Pediatric nursing and how I knew that getting into medicine felt truly right. I began to feel unsettled at the idea of nursing and the reason why is that I love building relationships and I am not one to be okay with 'Okay, your fixed.. bye now!' Nursing is a wonderful, self sacrificial, time consuming career and I applaud those who are able to do it. It's just not for me.

After MUCH deliberation and back-and-forth, I decided I am getting a certification to be a Occupation Therapy Assistant and make my specialty in Pediatrics. I knew I wanted to do Pediatrics, but I wasn't sure how! Working as an OTA will allow me to work with kids before and after surgeries kind of like physical therapy but with a few differences.  I am overly pumped and just ready to dive in!

My first day at JVBC will be in about 3 weeks so I have a bit of time before hand to finish off where I am at and get ready for newness. Lots of new.

Oh and,
I got into Pottermore today, so excited, but I honestly have no idea what it will be like so most of my excitement is out of curiosity. Anyone else register?

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