Friday, July 15, 2011

Dear Harry,

for the past ten years of my life I have been enthralled by your story. You have captivated my imagination and, in moments of darkness, pulled me into your world. We honored you last night and had some great memories.
{Our banquet!}

{Amber, our wonderful party planner, invited us to our home. She lit pumpkin candles everywhere, it was magical!}

 {Hillary, or more commonly known as Hermione, dressed right down to the SPEW badge in her wonderful costume}

{WAIT! You almost missed the magical part of these two pictures, notice what happens to my plate! It was like magic!}

{I put this on for the picture only. Inside Amber's house. Away from the public.}


{Butterbeer, ofcourse.}

{We bought wire and made our own Harry Potter glasses, mine took a turn for the worse.}

{The lovely Stephanie and I, as you can see her glasses were perfect.}

{Saved the best for last.}

There were moments, as you can probably see above, where I was like, 'Am I really doing this?'
But then again, it was my last time and I am never one to shy away from going going all out, its like a yearly coupon so my obnoxious fanatic days are over for a while.

We had great moments, and even though I am sad that my Harry Potter midnight premieres (all six that I have been able to attend) are over, I am glad to know that each one came with their own set of wonderful moments. 

So I guess what I'm trying to say is thanks Harry. (:

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