Saturday, October 22, 2011


So, I decided to shake it up and do a fun post, which I stole from Sara (thank you friend), it's a little get to know me questionnaire.

A. age: 19

B. bed size: queen, and comfy -- hence my laziness.

C. chore that you hate: well, all of them to be quite honest, but I mostly hate cleaning the bathtub, seriously it's exhausting.

D. dogs: I'm in love with my dogs, we have 3! Jackie, Mandy, and Susie. Jackie - boston terrier, Mandy - miniature dachshund, and Susie - miniature yorkshire terrier.

E. essential start to your day: sleeping for fifteen more minutes(:

F. favorite color:  this changes basically everyday, today it is orange red! 

G. gold or silver: for jewelry? silver, always silver. but it depends on what we're talking about! 

H. height: 5'0 -- I'm short.

I. instruments you play: my steering wheel, when i'm really into a song. other than that, nothing, absolutely nothing. I leave it to Jonathan.

J. job title: assistant teacher/student

K. kids: none! but my 13 students, on the other hand, are wonderfully exciting! always on my toes!(:

L. live: texas, I'm definitely from texas.

M. mother’s name: callie jane morris

N. nicknames: KP, pretty much everyone calls me KP. 

O. overnight hospital stays: when I was born, yes, but I haven't been back since.

P. pet peeves: people who are overly inconsiderate, like we all make that mistake sometimes, but when it is intentionally done because of perspective -- it bothers me big time.

Q. quote from a movie: yeah, I love movies, but I really can't just decide on one quote! 

R. right or left handed: left

S. siblings: a brother and a sister. brother - 21, sister- 24. 

U. ultimate Vacation: Je voudrais aller a Paris. This needs to happen sooooon! 

V. vegetable you hate: carrots, I can't stand carrots! 

W. what makes you run late: everything. I am the most unpunctual person, this is a huge flaw. I don't ever do it intentionally, and always give myself enough time, but I can't tell you what happens to always make me late. 

X. x-rays you’ve had: none, ever.

Y. yummy food that you make: I can make some pretty spectacular spaghetti. 

Have a wonderfully festive October weekend! (: 

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