Thursday, September 1, 2011

teaching and being taught

This week has taught me so many beautiful things. Where do I even begin?

Well for starters, I took up the position as a preschool teacher (my new job) and found more joy and love in this new lifestyle than I've felt in anything else for quite some time. However, I had many frustrations that tagged along with this new routine which is my lack of understanding in all of these new things I neglected to question due to false assumption. I just think I had a hard time being "the new girl". I will be the new girl for a while, I will be told to do something and have a large question mark across my face for at least a few more weeks. Making me feel like an idiot, basically.

I hate it, but I am not one to back down to a challenge. Am I?

So for now the new girl will do stupid things in response to basic instructions and you'll see her flush in embarrassment every five minutes over something seemingly small. It's how I roll.

By the way, I cannot be the only person who is ecstatic over it being September 1st. Seriously, this Texas heat needs to leave ASAP.

Until another time and with love,

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