Thursday, September 29, 2011

I am currently:

-falling in love with the kids I teach and getting to know them, understanding their minds that aren't small, but unlimited. I'm finding happiness in, what may seem like little, achievements but truly does work in my heart.

- excited that today is my day off, Thursdays have become my Saturdays. I cherish them so much when they arrive.

- fretting over silly things, like always.

- coughing, I hate coughing. It's rather annoying and I'd like to stop. (may be included with the above statement as an example.)

- loving my days off so I can watch a ridiculous amount of Friends, Gilmore Girls and Grey's Anatomy reruns. I feel like it's a sickness sometimes, how often I crave reruns.

- finally up to date on my hair cut.. like as of today.
I have bangs again! It was a wonderful experience having someone shampoo and conditioner my hair (doing it yourself just seems so tasking now).
 I have to say the smell of the shampoo that was used is blissful, I sneak a sniff every 30 minutes or so, I'm hoping this goes away soon. Real soon, I'm sure I got some looks.

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