Sunday, July 10, 2011

Si, se puede.

There is a perfectly good reason standing behind my absence in updating!

It turns out I was one of the many casualties of this weeks sick count. I believe we counted 8-10 people who were struck with the bug that went around.

Moving on..

I wish I had the stability to update my blog these past few days. It's a little tough trying to weave together memories into sentences that would appropriately explain what has happened.

Apart of me still feels like a resident of Tegucigalpa. 
I love :
The never ending streets, they twist and turn, up and down hills, all over the place.
The difference between necessities.
The city has holes in their streets, it's not the best looking of places, but then you go up on this mountain where this breathtaking statue of the Son has been built and you cannot imagine any other place more beautiful.  
A place more beautiful yet so broken too.

A memory that sticks out to me would have to be  -
Our shopping day. Just writing this brings tears to my eyes, it still gives me goose bumps. 
We had a budget to spend money for the orphanage to buy them things that they were insufficiently unable to keep in stock, we managed to buy around 1,500 diapers and a large supply of beans, oil, rice, eggs, flour, sugar and 2 cakes (for the farewell party). I still see all of these items as a huge feat, but I was really desperately wanting them to have something of their own. Something I truly felt they needed. Bibles.
We had discussed it, however the reality was that Bibles in America are on average about $30. We were in Honduras so expecting a Bible around $10 was the best that we could do, but we needed around 120 of them so by doing the math you'd see it just wasn't really in our budget.
I kept praying, I mean I felt like these children and teenagers spiritually needed to understand God and His story. His continuous story. 
One of our translators came up to me with the best news I had ever heard.
She found Bibles at a bookstore.. for $3.00
Three dollars.
I didn't think this could be real.

It gets better.

As we were waiting to pay for the Bibles we saw this man walk over to our amazingly big hearted, beautiful trip coordinator Jennifer. 
I believe he was the owner of the store and as he talked his eyes started to slightly tear up and then he just smiled so big.
It turns out that this specific Bible had recently been put up for sale because they weren't being sold. He was sad because he was afraid nobody would buy them, and then we came along. He was so happy to see such young missionaries.

To see God working like that. So evidently, so specifically.

The more I think about this week, it is all evident. 
I had felt that we had only just scratched the surface. The overwhelming part of what we've done. It just felt so small.

It is most certainly not.

We've given them the story. In their heart language. 

I trust in my always saving Lord that He will remain available to take care of the rest.

Buckner gave us a devotional to read and go through while we were there and it introduced to me this quote that I reminded myself of while I was there, basically every day. I can't remember the exact quote, but it's something along the lines of -- 

"We are not bringing these people to Jesus, He's already there."

As this week goes on, I am going to share more memories. This is what's going to remind me of how special and unique this trip was, but also because of the people I shared it with. Who taught me faith, love and encouragement when I had no more energy to give.

Thanks Scott for your lovely updates on the JVBC blog, it put into words what I couldn't always say. It processed my day for me in ways I could not. You were a joy to be with this week, no sarcasm(: 

Until later and with overflowing love,

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