Sunday, June 12, 2011

What a week!

Hello there!
I am writing to you with a rather large smile on my face. Oh, summer. How good you have been to me thus far. Well for starters, camp was a hit! It was just beyond fun and I craved more family group time every day as I got to know some of the best Christ-like teenagers. They were just so darn fun!

As I listened to the sermons I began to realize how much I was learning, not necessarily from what the speaker was saying, but more of just the scripture he gave us. I love to crave scripture. I love being engaged into the Word. It's like finding a secret passageway in an old mansion, just being able to discover or look at a beaten-down-way-over-looked passage and see it in new light. Or just applying it differently.
I learned more about repentance and the power of grace.

To continue on my overly exciting week, I just got home from a meeting for Honduras. It is absolutely impossible for me to describe in words just how unbelievably excited I am. It takes my breath away just how ready I am to go. But am I actually ready? Oh good heavens no. I am so far away from ready -- it's scary -- that I am just avoiding it all together.

I will hopefully be posting pictures up later. I need rest, I need to engage with my Lord in some quiet time.

Currently reading - 
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
This is a book I have picked up before, but couldn't finish. I tried again and I am currently half way through. I love this because it is a light, witty read. This is why I love summertime because I get to read books like this that contain no purpose what-so-ever, but keep me laughing all the same. The ladies in this book are very funny, and since I love a strong female character - it was great!

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